Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Horne-Jacobson wedding

Round 31: May 2034 (Autumn)

Miles Horne is 31 and Matilda Jacobson is 28.
I chose my sister Alice to be my flower girl and she was so excited on the big day. Getting a new dress, having her hair done and being allowed a slick of clear lip gloss was all so thrilling for her.

I was excited too, naturally, but also a little anxious. I didn't think I'd be nervous on my wedding day but my stomach was in knots.

I wasn't worried about Miles being the wrong guy - just about various other things going wrong. I was glad I had Adrienne there to snap me out of it.

The whole thing had been planned to within an inch of its life, which would hopefully preclude any huge disasters.

Even though I'd calmed down before we left the house, I was still just so glad to finally get to the venue and be standing in front of Miles.

All through our vows and exchanging our rings, neither of us could stop grinning.

It's kind of hard to believe Miles and I are actually married now but so wonderful at the same time.

Everyone was quite hungry by the time the ceremony was over, so we dug straight into the food.

We ended up sitting with Malcolm and his girlfriend Hope while we ate. I never liked Malcolm much when we were teenagers but when we were roommates, we ended up getting along just fine. Much to Adrienne's chagrin, I have to say.

Malcolm and Miles kind of hit it off as well. Miles doesn't really enjoy social situations but he tends to be really good with them anyway.

Witness Miles and my dad: Miles never even gave Dad time to go into protective father mode when they first met. He just charmed him right away.

It makes things a ton easier. It's not like they'll be able to avoid each other much. I'm really close to Dad.

Not so much with Virginia but we're civil now, at least. It's still mainly for Alice's sake, on my side but I was hardly going to start anything on my wedding day. Apart from Miles and I enjoying ourselves, I really wanted to make sure Alice had a good time.

She was the only kid at the wedding; our family is very small and none of my friends have had any kids yet. Alice is the only kid I even know.

Somehow, she managed to amuse herself though. She had quite a chat with Susannah Carmody.

And if ever Alice looked bored, Adrienne was there to step in and distract her with a game or a joke.

It meant I could spend most of my time focusing on Miles.

It was supposed to be our day, after all.

Despite Dad's shyness, he gave a really beautiful speech to congratulate us. He mentioned my mother as well and how much she would have liked to see this day.

Even with the big spread the caterers put on for lunch, people still saved room for cake!

We hired a DJ for the reception, so once we were finished eating and drinking, we moved to the dance floor for our first dance as a married couple. I think it was probably our first dance ever, actually. In the five years I've been with Miles, I'm not sure I remember dancing with him before.

It was then that I really realised how big our venue was, considering how many people we'd invited.

We were the first couple to get married here since the overhaul the council did. We felt very special.

We just had so much fun too. The best day of my life so far, definitely.

We would have loved a honeymoon but I'm starting a new movie in a couple of days, so we had to content ourselves with a night in the hotel right by the park. It was still very romantic. It was just a little closer to home than we might have hoped for!


My poor Sims are always at my weddings for so long! It was especially tiring for Susannah, seeing as though she's five months pregnant. Thank heavens for maxmotives!

I really wanted a DJ at the wedding but I didn't want him in that ugly orange tracksuit, so I used InSim to force him into formal wear. Then I proceeded to not show him clearly in any pictures anyway!

I love this animation! I have a hack that stops them from doing it if there's no music on, so I don't see it as often as I used to.

Posed shots:

Extra pic, for Maisie:
A top down view of Matilda and Miles's current apartment. It's one of the units in the Grayson Hill Brownstones (which are awesome, I will add!), from Apple Valley.


  • This is the same park where I have held many weddings before, the most recent one being Patience and Rob's. I did a major overhaul of it though, to make it better looking visually and to work better for game play. I'm happy with it but I'm looking forward to holding a larger wedding here, to see it more filled up.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I crashed during this wedding. As is now my tradition. I was a little surprised though, because this wedding was a very small one. I think there were 15 people on the lot in total and my weddings normally have over 20.
  • Miles has a profile now! There's a link to it at the top of the page or here, if you're lazy (like me). He's also a Jacobson, as I decided I didn't much like Horne.
  • Currently Matilda and Miles are living in a very tiny apartment downtown, next door to Leslie Patrick. Next time you see them, they'll probably have their own house. Matilda's not poor! And no babies yet, if you're wondering!


  1. Wonderful wedding, I can't wait to see their new house. When you told me that they had moved into one of the basement units of the brownstones I was in awe that you put two people there :P

    my favorite photo is this one

  2. Apple Valley, glad you enjoyed the wedding! I haven't picked out a house for Miles and Matilda yet but I have a whole round's worth of time to do that. ;)

    The basement unit is definitely very tiny, lol! Definitely no room for a baby, although they could always just move upstairs!

    That's my favourite photo too. A definite candidate for framing.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Great wedding! I think I'm going to get you to build my wedding lots. LOL How long do you think they will put off having kids? They both are very good looking, I think they would have beautiful children.

  4. What a beautiful wedding :)

    I love it that they took Alice to be a part of their big day and made sure she was having a good time.

    The venue looks great. Any chance you'd be willing to come and overhaul all the parks in Wellington? ;)

  5. I really need to prepare some parks to use as wedding venues, with all the parks I have in SimsVille and Simmeria you would gues that wouldn't be hard, but I have none lol :)

    Anyway, such a beautifukk wedding! The park looks great!!
    That second picture of the posed ones is just amazing! I absolutely love it!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, the venue, the bride and everyone else all dressed up. I love weddings!

    Although children are not yet on the cards I agree with Riverdale, when the time comes they will have gorgeous babies!

  7. Gorgeous as usual Carla! I loved Matilda's dress, very simple and elegant.....it's the type of dress I would wear to my own wedding. I agree, they would have simply beautiful children! I have a park that came with a wedding arch that I've never used before.......yours makes me want to put that on my list of things to do :)

  8. Lovely wedding, as always. Susannah looks so cute in her pregnancy formal wear! I love your attention to details, like the fact that Alice was the only child at the wedding--if I were doing this I probably wouldn't even have noticed something like that.

  9. Riverdale, thanks! I might see how much CC this lot has and if it would be terribly too much trouble to package and upload it. I'll put it up, if not. :)

    Matilda will be 30 next time I play her (how did that happen?!?), so I'll probably take her off BC and let them try for a baby. So we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, Matilda and Alice are pretty close. I think Matilda was old enough when she was born that she wasn't too bothered by no longer being an only child, like she might have been if Alice was born 5 years earlier.

    Heh, I won't come and redo all your parks but I'll see if I can upload this one. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, yes, I'm very surprised you don't have any wedding parks! This one is one I don't use unless there's a wedding taking place. I probably need more non-wedding parks!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding. I always get poses like that second one accidentally and love them, so I thought I'd try setting one up instead!

    Thanks for reading!

    Driftwood Valley, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear I also love weddings!

    I'm very anxious to see what Matilda and Miles' children will look like. They're a very attractive couple.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, glad you enjoyed it! Matilda's dress is probably similar to what I'd wear as well. I'm not a super-fancy girl.

    Heh, I tend to have more outdoor weddings than indoor ones! Though I've just built a new venue that could be used for indoor weddings. Once I'm finished using it for its current purpose (a contest at N99), I will probably re-purpose some of it for a wedding arch and some seating. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, I'm happy you liked it! I wasn't expecting to have Susannah there but I didn't realise Matilda was close friends with Sam, so I ended up inviting her anyway. Any excuse for me to have a pregnant Sim waddling around!

    I guess I always tend to notice the kids at my weddings because some of my best memories are hanging around with my sister and cousins at family weddings. There were 7 of us in total and I always think of how bored we might have been if we didn't have each other! Weddings are so often not really set up for children!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. I love love LOVE these pictures! Your weddings always look so cool. They are definitely a very attractive couple.
    For half a second I thought the DJ was Emil and then I remembered that he's an elder now! It's the hair, lol.

  11. This was such a lovely wedding. I really like Matilda, and her little family dynamic. I totally thought of Emil too!!! How funny, I was reading, and thinking.. oh you didn't want the tracksuit, so you just brought Emil in... (thats what I do, but not Emil), cause I did the force formal once and it was pink, clearly not acceptable for Hazel's wedding! So I just bring in some random.

    I wanna see a pic of their tiny apartment? Tiny living spaces are my favorite of all! Totally serious too, tis a serious request. :)

    Love the picture of Susannah about to eat her own arm, and Maia in the background, possibly thinking... um... no thanks!

    Genetic question, is there a chance of Matilda or Alice having a child with their dad's skintone? I've been super curious with my own Paloma and Linny, you are going to get there first, didn't know if a dormant darker skintone ever appears, hasn't in my game, only the fairer colors, like Lily is.

  12. Wonderful wedding, I am always in awe at your posed shots. Stunning. I hear you about the wedding crashes, glad you got this finished. Miles is adorable with the glasses, just beautiful all around~

  13. Fini, aw, I'm glad to hear that! Matilda and Miles are a very good looking couple.

    Funny, that DJ actually reminds me of Emil every time I see him! Emil's hair is a little more sober these days. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, I really love Matilda as well. She's had a little more drama in her family life than my playable NPCs normally do!

    Ha, that's not a bad idea for getting a more appropriate looking DJ either! I never thought of that.

    I've written myself a note to take a pic of Matilda and Miles's tiny apartment, so hopefully I can show you that soon.

    Ha, when I saw Maia looking at Susannah, I thought she was thinking "is THAT what it's like to be pregnant? Is it too late to back out of this whole wedding thing?"

    Matilda is adopted, so she doesn't have any of her dad's genes. Any resemblance to her dad is purely coincidental. As for Alice though, yes, I believe it's possible. I have had kids born who were darker than both parents. Evan Moretti is one - his grandfather was dark and his skintone is just a tad lighter than his (though still darker than Filippo or Maria's). I think there's another Sim in Sullivan who is darker than both parents but their name is escaping me right now!

    Thanks for reading!

    Drew, the posed shots sometimes seem easier than the candids, with so many Sims around! I take the posed ones after I delete all the unnecessary Sims off the lot, so it's quite relaxing to just have four or five around for a change!

    I do have a bit of a soft spot for Sims in glasses. It's such a cute little detail.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Maisie, I added a top-down view of Miles and Matilda's little uni at the bottom of this post. I didn't post any pics of the decor because I've hardly changed anything - I was really lazy when I moved them in!

  15. Awe, lovely! What an adorable couple. Matilda looked beautiful.

  16. Lunar, glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Awww...Congrats to the new couple! Matilda looked gorgeous in her dress and the venue looked very nice. All the pictures were so well done too. I wish I could do pics that good, but I don't have the patience. Lol.

    Great update!:)

  18. coolkat2, thank you. Patience is really all it requires! It does take less and less time after you've been at it for a while though.

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Awwww... a wedding!!! Your weddings are always so lovely, Carla! I love the preparations and the slow dance with all the couples. That's just so cute. *swoon* I love also your posed pictures because they look very natural. The one with the fountain in background is fabulous!
    (you'll notice that, by kindness for Matilda, I won't say again that Miles is hot, but darn, you have the hottest "nerd-like" guys! *giggle*)

  20. Sandy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The slow dance is one of the more tedious elements to set up but I really like the results, especially with a larger group, so I keep doing it. ;)

    I tried to do some different shots for Matilda, because I figured that seeing she's an actress, these photos might be appearing in magazines and the like. So she'd want something a bit more unusual.

    LOL, I do have some cute nerds around the hood! That probably reveals something about my personal preferences, LOL!

    Thanks for reading!

  21. Aww, another beautiful Sullivan wedding. Matilda looked so beautiful with her hair like that and in her dress and Miles looks cute no matter what. They seemed so happy together and I really like that pic you posted at N99. And the ones by the fountain.

    I loved seeing the overhauled park in action. It looks perfect and I love how big the dance floor is. When I get around to wedding venues, I’m going to have to keep this lot in mind.

    Too bad we won’t see them in their little apartment. I think I have a townie in that same unit.

    LOL @ Sandy and her loving your nerds. They are cute and makes me wish I had more sims with glasses. Whenever I makeover my townies, a bunch of them are getting glasses... and freckles!

  22. Danielle, glad to hear you liked it! Matilda and Miles are such a good-looking couple and they both suited everything I tried on them, so it was just a matter of finding a dress that fit Matilda's style and going from there. I really like how the pictures turned out.

    Oh, that reminds me...I was supposed to look at uploading this lot, wasn't I? I'll have to see about that this afternoon.

    No, we won't see them in their apartment (well, you can see tiny versions of them making out in that layout picture I posted ;)) but I'm in the middle of decorating a house for them right now. We'll see them living there next time.

    Oh, I love glasses! I think I'm going to give Sylvia some, actually. I decided Adrienne's eyesight is hereditary, seeing her dad has glasses too, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

  23. Awww, this was one of the sweetest weddings I've seen in a long time. The posed pictures are just breathtaking! And I've got a soft spot for Matilda and Miles too. I hope they have a happy life together! :)

  24. Laura, aw, I'm glad you liked it! These posed pics are some of my favourites. Miles is another serious Sim, which is a nice balance for Matilda. I like them a lot as a couple though I haven't played them for real yet!

    Thanks for reading!