Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kids, Spring 2024

Round 26: Spring 2024

Principal Tatiana Lachance is 41, Pamela Gray is 39, Finn Romilly is 23
Students: Connor Novak, Sophie Gottlieb and Camilla and Lila Sitko are all 11, Josh Royce-Nihill and Elspeth Romilly are both 10, Chris Draper, Lucy Gray and Edward Lachance are all 9, Oliver and Sebastian Gentry are both 8, Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 7, Noah Gottlieb and Adelaide Sitko are both 6, Mitchell Carmody is 5 and Eddie and Louisa Gentry, Emma Gottlieb, Timothy Lane and Jessica Royce-Nihill are all 4.

Finn Romilly is almost at the end of his second year of teaching and he's feeling quite relieved at the thought. He's been teaching Grades 4-6 this year and he won't be sorry to see the back of Lila Sitko, who's heading off to high school.

He genuinely likes all of his students but he's not sure he quite gets Lila. She seems so rough and well...mean!

Pamela Gray has had her hands full with her pre-school class this year too. Since the pre-school combined with the primary school, Pamela has had very small classes but this year, she has five students.

On the first day, she'd been warned that Timothy was a little shy. She's taught him for almost a year now and she hasn't found that to be true at all.

In fact, it was Timothy who finally brought Eddie out of his shell.

At the beginning of the year, Eddie dawdled every morning on the way to class and was never very interested in interacting with the other children.

He was initially reluctant to even talk with Timothy but Timothy was persistent.

Eddie's twin sister Louisa was similarly reserved but the other girls, Jessica and Emma, were quick to invite her to play with them.

So it's a noisy classroom but mostly a peaceful one. As long as Emma doesn't get in one of her moods, that is.

Emma is the most demanding of Pamela's students this year. She's the baby of her family and is used to being showered with attention.

But Pamela has four other students to attend to, not to mention her former students who come by to visit her at various times during the day.

Next year, Tatiana will have five kindergarteners in her class but for now, she just has Mitchell.

She's enjoying the calm in her classroom while it lasts. She really doesn't have any troublesome students at all this year.

Well, occasionally, Adelaide lifts her head up from her book but that's about it. Tatiana's class are almost eerily well-behaved.

In the art room, Finn is having considerably more trouble, most of it being caused by his little sister, Elspeth.

The other students are busy on their easels...

...but Elspeth couldn't care less about painting. She's determined to do anything apart from the work she's been assigned.

Unfortunately for Finn, Elspeth just doesn't see him as much of an authority figure.

Finn stands firm. Elspeth can either do her art now or she can stay in and do it at lunch time.

And Finn is victorious.

The kids are doing some great work - it's going to look wonderful on the walls when they're done!

The pre-schoolers are first into the cafeteria, just so they can get their lunch before the big kids trample them.

Most of the pre-schoolers anyway. Special snowflake that she is, Emma has decided she's in no rush for lunch so Jessica and Louisa start without her.

Not that she's the only one who's gone a-wandering! At least Emma's not out on the street, like Camilla and Sebastian.

Noah, however, is super-excited for lunch! The food's not even burnt today, so bonus! And look, Emma made her way down after all.

Meanwhile, Adelaide has the attention of the entire lunch table, mostly consisting of kids much older than her. The topic is baseball, which Adelaide considers herself quite the expert on.

Lila is biting her tongue but this is quite irritating to her. Who do they think taught Adelaide everything she knows about baseball anyway?! How about some credit where credit's due?

The teachers are looking forward letting the kids blow off some steam outside once they've all finished eating. Some of them are rather beastly today!

Sadly, that won't be happening today. It is absolutely bucketing with rain outside so the kids will all be inside driving the teachers crazy.

Timothy and Eddie remain inseparable, even at lunch time.

But why would anyone even choose to spend their rainy lunch in another room? The pre-school room is where all the good toys are!

Even some of the kids from Finn's class, like Chris, decide to revisit their pre-K days for the afternoon.

A few of the kids expressed interest in using the music room at lunch. Poor Finn, being the new guy, is assigned the unenviable job of supervising them.

Camilla offers to play a little something for Finn on the violin, insisting that she's really, really good. Finn is a little dubious but what can he really say?

Finn is pleasantly surprised - Camilla actually is really, really good!

If only if Camilla's violin could cancel out Louisa's piano!

Tatiana was hoping her duty in the library would be drama-free but as Elspeth walks in, she starts to doubt whether that will be possible.

It doesn't take long for Elspeth to start an argument with Lucy Gray. Tatiana groans. If Lucy is anything like her big sister Julia, this might not go well.

Tatiana was just about ready to get up and intervene when Lucy defuses the situation on her own. She's apparently much more of a peacemaker than Julia, much to Tatiana's surprise.

When afternoon classes are done, Tatiana is very keen to get everyone out! It's been a long day!

Extra pic:

This didn't really fit in anywhere but here's Emma and Jessica leaving school. I thought it was cute that all the pre-schoolers filed out together (that's Timothy behind them, and the Gentry twins followed close behind).

  • Title is from Kids by MGMT. I'm planning on using this title for all my primary school entries from here on in.
  • I was going to do the Lachance-Weaver update today but the lot I had planned to use for Jonas's arcade was being a pain and I ended up scrapping the whole thing. I have another one ready to go though, so that update should be up tomorrow or the next day. Depends on whether I want to nap after work today!
  • Timothy seems to be shy in the same way Mina Lachance is shy, ie., not at all. He talks to absolutely everybody and very boisterously! But I love him and Eddie together. They gravitate towards each other and it's really adorable.
  • I love Elspeth. She's always doing something hilarious and I really can't wait to see how she turns out as a teen. Not necessarily appearance-wise - I really want to see her personality develop.
  • You might not be able to see it without opening the full size pics but do Sims usually smile and frown like Tatiana is when they read books? It really looked like Tatiana was reacting to Elspeth and Lucy!


  1. Geez, I don't know how you don't pull your hair out with that many kids running around! Poor Finn, I don't even him working at the same school that his little sister attends......I've got three brothers and if one of them had worked at my elementary school, I would have gave 'em hell too lol

  2. *Looks back at Tatiana's pics* Wow, that's funny! That is timing. It does look like she's watching the kids! That's awesome.

    Poor Finn! Haha, he's old enough to be their older brother and is in Elspeth's case.

  3. Oh...mi...goodness. That's a lot of kids. I don't understand how you handle it all.

    Poor Finn trying to teach the little sister-yikes!

  4. "The food's not even burnt today, so bonus!"

    ROFL I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I read that. So it seems that McCormick Hall in Riverdale isn't the only school where the cook burns for ALL the time. Poor kids, they can't get a decent meal at school. Kinda like real life. Some of the meals my kids tell me about from school scare me. Would you believe that they served them PB&J and the bead was green? Eww!

    Finn really has his hands full with his sister. I can't wait to see her as a teen. I think she's going to be awesome.

    A few of my sims make faces when they read books. So it's not just Tatiana, What book was she reading, by the way. Because I notice the most faces if they are reading a cook book or a romance novel. LOL

  5. Elspeth is such a little character!! I'm looking forward to seeing her as she ages up. She definitely gave Finn a hard time. And I LOVE that he can't wait to see the back of Lila's head.

    Timothy and Eddie were super cute together. And I totally loved Emma and Jessica leaving school together, Emma is so freaking cute!

  6. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Mizzgin03, I think I might have done that too, had I had an older sibling working at my school. When I graduated, I had a few cousins who were still in primary school and requested I come and work at their schools. I can just imagine how that would have gone!

    Lunar, I know, right? I know Sims who are reading will look around at people walking by or coming to sit next to them but it's not usually timed so well!

    Heh, the young teachers always get the worst tasks (like in my first year, when I had to do 2 playground duties in one day and lost my release time and was too naive to know I had every right to object!) And it's harder for them to build up respect from the kids too, especially older ones. That's why I prefer little kids - they think you're old even when you're fresh out of uni!

    Apple Valley, I tend to ignore most of them unless I'm working on taking pics of their class. So while the pre-schoolers were doing their thing, most of the other kids were outside, and I could hear a few in the music room too.

    Riverdale, ewww, green bread? I'm grossed out even if bread has a tiny bit of that white mold on it. I think I might throw up from green bread!

    I think Elspeth will be fun as a teen too. I'm wondering what aspiration she'll end up with. Sometimes I use personality points to decide, sometimes I have an idea beforehand (I've already decided Connor will be Knowledge/Popularity, for example) and sometimes I just roll for it.

    And Tatiana was skilling, so it was a skill book. She's maxed in Mechanical, so it would have been either Cooking or Cleaning.

    Maisie, yeah, Lila will be Kendal's problem to deal with next year! I usually have her take the younger high schoolers.

    I was surprised by Timothy and Eddie! They kept rolling up wants for each other, which was so cute. Timothy is very fond of Mitchell Carmody too, but they're not in the same class. Next year, they will be. And I love Emma, she's too adorable. A total brat like her mother was, but adorable.

  7. Wow, I'm always blown away with your school updates. I guess it's because you're so familiar with the school stuff so there's always a real story.

    I seriously hope I'll never get that many kids in either of the school in Wellington. I find the school updates hard enough without under 10 students!

  8. OMG!!! There are so many of them!!! I don't think I could ever handle so many sims on one lot! I would run I guess! Anyway my school is not big enough for that number of kids!

    Poor Finn, he didn't get an easy age-group to teach especially with his sister acting like she does. But just like you I can't wait to see her character develop when she grows up.
    Timothy and Eddie are cute together, I think they one day they will be a handfull too, but for now they are just cute.

  9. Sari, thanks! I found this one a little hard to write actually but I guess it came together okay.

    Oh man...under 10 students would be a cake walk for me now! LOL.

    Tanja, heh, my old school wasn't big enough for this many kids, which is why I had to build a new one!

    Some teachers will tell you Kindergarten is the hardest age group but I (and Finn) know that it's the older kids. Mainly because the younger ones respond much better to bribery like stickers and stamps!

    Timothy and Eddie may end up being trouble one day and if they do, it'll be led by Timothy, I'm betting!

  10. I forgot to ask: do you mind if I "borrow" your idea of using the same title for all school updates? I'm not going to use the same titles as you do!

  11. Sari, I don't mind at all, go right ahead!

  12. Thanks, Carla :) Now I just have to find some cool titles!