Monday, 11 June 2012

Learn to crawl

Round 33: August 2038 (Winter)
Narrated by Lucy Gray

Thank God this year has been going better than the last! I earned my silver accreditation in cosmetology, so accordingly, Kimberly gave me a raise. I’m not really raking in the cash or anything but it’s more than I was making last year, that’s for sure.

Last year was not a great year for us. Our landlord raised our rent so high that we couldn’t afford our old place any more, so we had to move into this place pretty fast.

We now live in the same building as my sister Julia and her boyfriend Sam. We’re not as close as some sisters are but we’re getting closer living right next to each other.

It definitely could have gone the opposite way, considering how unpredictable Julia can be sometimes.

But I think Julia is in a good place right now. She’s really happy with Sam, so she’s not so hung up on her exes any more.

And she’s planning to start studying for her Master’s in Education next year too, so that will keep her even busier.

The principal at her school is considering retirement within the next few years and Julia thinks if she has the right qualifications, she might be up for the top job.

She’d be the youngest principal ever at Sullivan High School but she’s feeling pretty positive about her chances. She’s the next most senior staff member at the school, so with a Master’s, she’d be the most likely candidate.

I feel almost inadequate sometimes, seeing I didn’t even get into college and my sister will soon have an advanced degree!

Chris, Edward and I are all settled in now but it was quite an upheaval for us at first, as we hadn’t really been in our old place for very long when we had to leave it.

Edward and I both really like this place. We have the larger bedroom on the third floor and Edward didn’t even mind me taking over the decor and adding more pink than he’d probably prefer!

Our bathroom was already almost completely pink too, which suited me just fine.

Chris was glad he didn’t get the pink bathroom but he wasn’t too pleased with this place at first.

Edward and I listened to so much complaining about how small it was and how we were all going to be living on top of each other.

But really, Chris doesn’t have much time to worry about that. He’s studying for his Master of Architecture course and is usually locked away in the office when he’s home.

Chris is due to finish the course in the next couple of months, so he’s really close to being done with studying forever. Until then though, he’s making a lot of trips back and forth to the uni library.

Studying and working full time has really curtailed his social life but I think that’s why he likes the library so much.

He met a girl down there a few weeks ago. Her name is Autumn and she’s a student with a full-time job, just like Chris.

They’ve been “hanging out”, which might not mean the same thing to Chris as it would to me.

I know Chris isn’t looking for anything serious at the moment, so hopefully Autumn is on the same wavelength.

Whatever happens, at least Chris has been too busy to juggle more than one girl at a time lately. I hope he doesn't go back to what he was like in college once he's finished with his studies.

When Edward and I decided to room with Chris, I thought three might end up being a crowd but it’s really been just fine.

Chris and Edward have been friends since primary school and I’ve been a constant presence since Edward and I started dating when we were 14. I think we all got used to each other a long time ago.

Of course, with Chris spending most of his non-study time at work or with Autumn, we don’t really hang out enough to get sick of each other!

After four years of Edward being away at uni and me being here working, it’s really nice to be living on the same timetable again.

I love coming home and having him right there, without having to trek all the way out to campus or have him come all the way out to my parents' place.

We’ve both always been sort of homebodies anyway, so we often just stay in.

Occasionally, we’ll venture out of the house to do something different together as well.

I’m not really a sporty person at all but Edward has been teaching me the finer points of basketball.

He usually plays with Chris but he’s been too busy lately, so I’ve been filling in.

I’m pretty sure I’m not nearly as challenging to play against but Edward says playing against me has its advantages. I don’t throw hissy fits when I don’t win, for example!

I don’t know if it’ll become a regular activity once Chris has time to play again but I have to admit that it has been surprisingly fun.

I prefer doing things where we can really talk though. Even after being together for so long, I’m still finding out new things about Edward.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out where Edward stands on marriage and children, without completely terrifying him.

I’m definitely not ready for a baby, though I know I want kids eventually. Marriage though…that’s something I feel like Edward and I should be moving towards.

It doesn’t seem to be on Edward’s radar at all yet. It’s still very much a one-day-in-the-future thing for him.

I know I should just relax about it. We’re still young and there’s plenty of time. But I can’t think of anything I want more than for Edward and I to have our own family. I don’t mind taking our time with it; I’d just like some assurance that we’re heading down that path.

  • Title is from Learn to Crawl by 7 Worlds Collide.
  • I don't know if Chris and Autumn will go anywhere, though at the moment, he's only rolling specific romantic wants for her. They have very high chemistry but a pretty major personality clash - he's mean, she's nice and he's playful and she has ZERO playful points. But we'll see.
  • I wanted to show some pics of Lucy at work but I was having issues with the salon. I was there for the whole day and only one person sat down for a makeover. It was Lucy's mother, Pamela, and she didn't even sit down in front of Lucy! So that was a bit of a failure.
  • Lucy has had the "Marry Edward" want since she graduated high school, so I imagine at this point, if Edward asked, she'd be raring to go. Edward - not so much! He's Knowledge/Popularity, so he hasn't rolled the marriage want yet.


  1. Aww Edward and Lucy are such an adorable couple and I especially love that picture of them walking down the street together. I hope they do get married sometime soon though. I love your weddings! It seems pretty surprising to me that Chris is only rolling wants for Autumn so maybe that is a sign he is thinking of settling down (a bit)- opposites attract! Ooh and I love the look of their new apartment too.

    1. I'm probably close to overusing that walking arm in arm pose but it really is so sweet. I just had to put it up on Tumblr a minute ago, lol. I'm hoping Edward gets a kick in the bum and rolls a marriage want. They've certainly been together long enough!

      I'm quite surprised about Chris and Autumn too. He might be turning into a serial monogamist, perhaps!

      Glad you like the apartment. I'm just glad I got it finished! I had tons of other families to put in new homes when I moved these guys and I wasn't sure I was ever going to get through them all. I only have two more houses to finish up now, thankfully!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Aww they are so adorable, I'm not surprised Chris was unhappy with the size of the apartment. In your hood that space is so tiny, but in my hood, it's normal for a family of five or six to live there, in fact the Wren family lives there. Why did you have to move so many families again?

    1. Five or six? LOL, no way could I cram so many Sims into this space, so I take my hat off to you!

      There was no particular reason I had to move all the families at the same time, really. I just sort of wrote myself into some hassle, lol. There were just that many families who'd outgrown their old home or were newly formed households (like Jack and Audrey and Nathan and Rebecca) and it all happened at once!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Oh boy. The big marriage debate! I hope Edward comes around--I really like these two as a couple! I know that men always seem to be a bit slower about it... kind of wish my husband had been that way. ;)

    Oh boy. I hope Chris can keep his focus on just one girl! Autumn is very pretty.

    I miss being able to have multiple sim families in one apartment lot!

    1. Yeah, seriously, EA really stuffed up apartments in TS3! It's not perfect in TS2 either but I do love having neighbours my Sims can visit.

      I love Edward and Lucy together too and I think he'll come around eventually. Men do sometimes need a bit more nudging to warm up to the idea but Lucy's very keen. Perhaps now that she's planted the idea in his head, it will start to appeal more to him too. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Julia is definitely seeming less crazy these days! Funny that she ended up with Sam, it's not a pairing I would have ever thought of seeing! Lucy is adorable, and I do hope that marriage pops up on Edward's radar. I wouldn't think he'd be opposed to it at some point in time anyway, they've been together so long, and if he were doubting that, I imagine at least, that he would have made some signs about that. otherwise, it's a given these two will eventually go for the marriage walk, at least in my eyes!

    Their apartment looks great, and I like seeing Chris settled down a little bit, though I do hope he doesn't decide to marry Autumn. She seems sort of like a stick in the mud. I'd like to see him with someone more playful, and fun when it comes time to settling down. He's young though, so I'm sure it won't be too soon anyway!

    Btw, Lucy's profile doesn't show up at the link above (or on Julia's profile).

    1. Sam must be good for Julia. I never saw them together either but they make a weird kind of sense somehow.

      No, I don't think Edward is opposed to marriage and I'm sure he sees himself with Lucy long-term (well, they're already pretty long-term, I guess!) but he doesn't have quite the same timeline as Lucy does. They'll come to some sort of a compromise on it, I'm sure. I love them as a couple.

      I don't know if Chris will stay settled down but I guess we'll see! He definitely isn't thinking marriage yet. He's absolutely just having fun right now and I think he'd run in the opposite direction if Autumn mentioned getting married!

      Thanks for the tip on Lucy's profile. I'm doing a spectacular job stuffing those up lately!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I'm glad they have settled in to their new apartment so well after being 'forced' to leave their old one.
    And it's so nice to see that Julia finally is able the let her exes go, and let them do whatever they want to do. It seems like Sam has a good influence on her!

    Even though Chris isn't looking for anything serious at the moment, I do hope we get to see more of Autumn, she seems like a nice person!

    1. LOL, yes, "forced" by me. I didn't know I was getting a new computer then and the old building was too much of a strain on my old PC. I think I like this one better anyway though and it's definitely more affordable for them.

      I'm still cautious with Julia, because she was with Nathan for a few years before the crazy came out to play again! But I'm hoping she's put all that behind her for good this time. :)

      If Chris is still interested in Autumn next time around, we'll see more of her then. I have no idea what he'll be up to by then though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I noticed that you're using Starr's town-home rentals. I have them in my game too and love them! My house is a bit fuller than yours though.

    I'm glad that Julia and Lucy are growing closer. Hopefully nothing major will happen to set Julia off. Though I have to stay her crazy has me cracking up!

    As for Chris, you know what they say, opposites attract. Nita and Amos have zero chemistry points for each other, yet they find each other HOTT! And are totally in love. So many that's the same with Chris and Autumn and their points.

    1. I love them too! I had them moved into this place on my old PC, then when that died, I lost the lot. I actually didn't know it was Starr's and then I just happened to be going through redownloading all her lots and came across it again. I was so happy!

      I think Julia will always be a little bit crazy but she's a functional kind of crazy at the moment, which makes it easier for Lucy to have a close relationship with her.

      Chris and Autumn actually have decent chemistry - it might even be three stars, definitely two. So I think it's already a case of opposites attract with them, for sure. She's Knowledge and so is he but he has that Romance secondary to contend with, which may be a challenge for Autumn. We'll see how they go though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Aww, I hope Edward rolls the want to marry Lucy soon! They are good together. I wonder if Chris will ever settle down...though it seems like all of your bad boys do, eventually. :)

    1. I'm hoping Edward rolls that marriage want too, as is Lucy! I'm not above making them get married anyway though. ;) I only need a want on one side and a vague feeling that the other is ready. :) I don't think Edward is...yet!

      My bad boys do all end up settling down! It just starts seeming a bit sad after a while, all the bed hopping, lol. But they all seem to reach an age where they start wanting that for themselves too, rolling wants for one woman in particular, rather than any woman who crosses their line of sight! I don't think Autumn is Chris's one and only but I think he'll probably have one eventually.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Glad to see this group is doing well and that this year was better for them. Love their apartment. I know Edward will eventually come around to wanting the whole marriage and kids thing. Even though they've been together for so long, he's still fresh out of college and just getting to the "real world". Lucy's been there for a while now. Hopefully she'll be patient.

    That's good that Chris has been too busy to juggle multiple women right now. I know his mother would be happy to hear it LOL! I hope he and Autumn are on the same page for now. She's cute and can't wait to get to know her... if she lasts that long!! LOL

    1. I think Edward will come around too. He's still really young, as is Lucy. But like you say, Lucy's been in the adult world for longer than he has, so it figures she'd be ready before him. They're a good couple though, so I think they'll get there.

      As of 2039, Chris has finished his Master's, so we'll see if he decides to pick up his social life where he left it now. ;) I wouldn't be surprised if Autumn didn't stick around long. Even if he's sticking to one girl, he's still not ready for a real commitment! And with Autumn being so serious, I think she might want one. But we'll see. I'm still getting a feel for them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!