Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I'm bound to pack it up

Round 33: September 2038 (Spring)

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Gordon Nott is 42, Lia is 41, Annabel and Georgina are 14, Gabriel is 11 and Peter is 1.
(Caitlin and Brendan are 15 and Simon is 13)

Narrated by Annabel Nott

I was never expecting Mum and Dad to have another baby but Peter is here now and I have to admit, he’s adorable.

You can tell how happy they both are that Peter's joined our family.

Peter really looks up to Gabriel and loves when he comes to play with him when he gets home from school.

It’s really cute to watch.

Our parents don’t force us to do the really awful baby stuff, so most of the time, we just get to have fun with Peter.

Not that it stops Georgina from taking it upon herself to do all the not-so-fun stuff as well.

Georgina often heads into Mum and Dad’s bedroom during the day just to check on him.

It’s like she goes around looking for more work to do. She never seems to have enough.

For a few months now, Georgina has been doing volunteer work at the hospital. A few afternoons a week after school, she does a three hour shift there.

She spends time with patients, does some typing and helps clean up in the cafeteria.

It doesn't sound like my kind of thing at all but Georgina says she enjoys it.

Georgina working there gave Mum the big idea that I should volunteer too, which I really don’t want to do.

I don’t want to do work at school for no money and then go somewhere else after school to do more work for no money.

But Mum insisted I needed to start learning some responsibility, so I told her I’d get a paying job instead.

I’m working for a photographer after school now. I normally just help out in the studio but I did get the opportunity to take pictures for our yearbook at school.

It was actually a lot of fun. I don’t know if I’d want to do photography as a career when I grow up but I guess I can keep it in mind.

The best part of my job is earning some extra money on top of my allowance. Although I ended up pooling most of my money with Georgina’s and using it to buy Dad a present for Father’s Day.

Gabriel wanted to contribute too but he doesn’t really have that much money, so Mum paid for most of his share, plus a little something from Peter as well.

We decided to get Dad some gardening supplies - a whole huge hamper of them, with everything he could possibly want.

He loved it and he couldn’t wait to get started with it all.

Mum and Georgina aren’t really into gardening or the great outdoors but Gabriel and I helped Dad get the garden going right after breakfast.

Normally, Dad is pretty cool so I quite like doing things with him on the weekend.

He's not always cool, unfortunately. I had Simon over the other day and he was hovering around watching us the whole time. So embarrassing.

He just had to take out the trash while we were talking on the front lawn. It wasn’t exactly subtle.

Dad didn’t really deter Simon at all. As soon as Dad went inside, Simon asked me out on a date. Again.

This time though, I decided I’d give him a chance. He’s been so persistent, so I don’t see the harm in just seeing how things go.

You never know. We might have fun together.

Simon and I haven’t even been out yet but Dad is already getting all over-protective on me.

He says he just wants to make sure I don’t get myself into any situations I can’t handle.

Mum told me Grandpa was even worse when she and Dad were dating, so I should thank my lucky stars.

I guess so, but I’m still hoping Dad just gets used to the idea and lays off a little.

I keep telling Georgina that all this is totally paving the way for her once she starts dating. Dad is sure to be a bit more relaxed about it by then.

Georgina always gets nervous and blushes whenever the idea of her dating comes up.

She has a huge crush on Brendan but hasn't told anyone. She didn’t even tell me - I just worked it out for myself.

It’s pretty obvious. And to me, it looks like Brendan feels the same way about Georgina.

You should have seen the look on his face when some random guy tried to flirt with Georgina! He got so mad, like she was already his girlfriend and this guy was honing in on his territory.

Whenever we go out as a group, Brendan and Georgina spend all their time hanging out together, leaving me and Caitlin to our own devices.

I thought maybe whatever was happening between Brendan and Georgina would be obvious to anyone, especially seeing I’ve been noticing it for a little while now.

But I guess Caitlin either didn’t see it or was in denial about it. She was absolutely fuming when she spotted Brendan flirting with Georgina and now she’s furious with the both of them.

Caitlin is saying she hates both of them right now but I really hope that’s not true. Maybe she'll cool down eventually. We've all been friends for so long and I don't know what it's going to be like for our group now.

Georgina is so upset about the whole thing. I’m trying to reassure her everything will be okay but I’m just praying that I’m right.

Just a couple of extra Peter pics that didn't make it into the update (I ended up finding a place for more of them than I thought I would!).
He's adorable, even when he's screaming his lungs out!

  • Title is from I’m Bound To Pack It Up by the White Stripes
  • Georgina does get paid for her job and in truth, she’s an Emergency Medical Technician. But the structure of that career is fairly unrealistic for a teen, so I write it in differently so it makes a bit more sense.
  • Simon and Annabel was all prompted by wants. When I entered the house, Annabel had the want to ask Simon out on a date and he still had the want to ask her. So I figured she'd decided to give him a shot.
  • Brendan and Georgina though...that was my Sims getting themselves into ACR-prompted trouble once again. I wasn't sure either Brendan or Georgina were going to make a move, although Brendan kept giving her backrubs (though that's not an actual romantic interaction, so no dramas with that). And then Brendan tried to "squeeze" Georgina and I heard that BOING-OING-OING sound! I didn't realise Caitlin still had a red heart for Brendan. Caitlin has negative relationships with both Georgina and Brendan now. Jace and Magdalena are up next and I plan to delve into this drama a bit more then.


  1. Uh oh, teen drama brews. Your teens always have such action packed lives, lol.

    1. These teens do tend to keep me busy; I love it though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Aw, I'm glad Annabel is giving Simon a chance!

    Brendan and Georgina are adorable. Shame it had to result in dramas with Caitlin! What a mess for that group of friends. I wonder if they'll weather the storm?

    Also, Peter is adorable!

    1. Yeah, me too. And I'm glad Annabel came to the conclusion on her own as well - I like it when I don't have to push my Sims into anything.

      I hope Caitlin, Georgina and Brendan can get through this. Brendan was a bit insensitive to make a move on Georgina in front of Caitlin but apart from that, he hasn't technically done anything wrong. They've broken up and he's allowed to date other girls now. :\ I'll be watching Caitlin closely to see what kind of wants she rolls. If she shows signs of wanting to reconcile, I'll probably give her a little nudge. Otherwise it'll be slapfights aplenty for the foreseeable future!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I love the teen drama going on here but I do hope Georgina and Brendan will get together eventually! I'm glad Annabel gave Simon another chance though. It will be interesting to see where that goes... Peter is so adorable! I love that picture of him screaming. Haha. If you don't mind me asking but where did you get Gordon's shirt? I have a few similar styles but I can't seem to find that one!

    1. I hope Georgina and Brendan will be together eventually too. I feel so awful that Georgina has liked Brendan for so long and now that he finally feels the same way, it's causing such drama between her and Caitlin. :(

      At least Annabel and Simon are relatively drama-free. I'm sure Sylvia won't be too happy but she's not friends with Annabel, so we won't be breaking up any friendships at least. ;)

      Damn, I read your comment yesterday while I was in game and meant to check Gordon's shirt for you and I still forgot. D'oh! I'll check today. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. I finally got a chance to check where Gordon's shirt is from. It's by Amaryll, whose LJ is here: The shirts could have been posted at GOS though. Amaryll's stuff can be hard to find, because she often doesn't put preview pics up, so you just have to download a huge zip of tons of stuff which may or may not have what you're looking for. :\

      Good luck!

    3. Thank you! I'll have a look and see what I can find :)

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the teen years are just so drama filled lol. Caitlin is a bit of a live wire so I'm interested in seeing how she behaves after this :). It's always sad to see kids who were good friends becoming teens and having trouble maintaining those friendships. I laughed at Gordon being described as a cool parent but then still hovering around when Simon came over :)

    1. It must be all those hormones running through their veins! I'll be simming out Jace and Magdalena's update today but I'm not yet sure if Caitlin will appear. We'll hear about her though. ;)

      This one makes me sadder than with Elspeth and Lila because they're so much younger and also because Georgina and Caitlin are both such sweet girls. There was always a tiny bit of little acrimony with Elspeth and Lila and looking back, I could easily see something happening that might hurt their friendship, because they're both such hotheads. Georgina and Caitlin took me more by surprise!

      Poor Gordon isn't ready for all this dating stuff, lol! He's been taking advice from Jace, which Annabel will definitely not find very cool. ;) Gordon does really click with Annabel though, which is nice because Lia doesn't really get her at times!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Poor Caitlyn, I feel bad for her. She might have thought the break up was partly because of Liam's passing, but to see Brendan moving on, that's gotta be a lot to take in. I hope that in time they can all be friends again.

    Georgina and Annabel are super adorable, and I like these pairings right now, they make a lot of sense with their personalities. I hope they aren't over-zealous in their relationships though and move too fast, I don't think Gordon or Lia could handle that.

    The Father's Day was a really sweet moment, I like the gifts that Gordon received, and that some of the kids helped him out in the garden.

    1. I feel terrible for Caitlin too. She may have been holding onto hope than Brendan would want to get back together but now, it definitely doesn't look like that. And with her would seem even worse to her. :(

      I think Georgina and Brendan are probably too shy to move too fast! I was at that teen hangout for hours before one of them made any move at all, lol. Simon and Annabel...well, there's more potential for trouble there, that's for sure.

      That was my first Father's Day in game. I've been doing months for a while now but I only just thought to do Mother's and Father's Day this round.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Peter really is a cutie! He kind of makes me wish they had some more children! Lol! Their family seems really nice though :)

    I feel so sad for Georgina! She's had a crush on Brendan for a long time now, and she's seen him with Caitlin, without 'complaining' about it. And now that he finally seems intersted in her, she's losing a friendship over it. I do understand Caitlin as well though, it can't be easy to see your ex with one of your best friends.

    1. Oh my gosh, no, no more five children families, lol! Do you know though, Gordon and Lia both rolled the wish for another baby this round! It rolled away pretty quickly though, as if they thought "Wait, we have four already! Are we nuts?" LOL.

      Yes, I can definitely see this situation from Caitlin and Georgina's perspective and it really does suck for both of them. I really hope they can resolve it though but I'm not yet sure how that will happen.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Uh oh! It is so hard to keep up with the romantic interests sometimes! Poor Georgina! I hope Caitlin is able to get past it and that they can salvage the friendship.

    1. I hope she can too. I wonder if it might take a while though. Caitlin is actually furious and has negative relationships with both Brendan and Georgina, so it's not just story stuff this time. I don't see her holding the grudge forever but it's just a question of when it might end.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Peter is so stinking cute! That little, round face!! *squish*

    But uh oh! Bring on the drama! I thought it was cute how Georgina and Brendan were all shy about liking each other. But man, I guess it's still pretty raw for Caitlin to see that :\. It's only been a couple of months since they broke up, right? At that age, that's a pretty big friend violation. Hopefully they'll be able to get past it, in time. And yes! Annabel doesn't know just how lucky she is to not have her grandpa around hovering. I remember those days early in Lia and Gordon's relationship lol.

    I remember the pics of their Father's Day at N99 and it was nice to read about it. I'll have to remember to incorporate those types of events in my game along with the other major holidays.

    1. I know, I just adore little Peter! I didn't realise how cute he was until I actually played this family.

      Brendan and Georgina are pretty adorable together. It's a shame the beginning of their relationship has been so fraught with drama. I think it was May when Caitlin and Brendan broke up, so it's been about four months. Definitely still a bit raw for her. I'm hoping they can all move on. It might be a while before I can really deal with it but I'm going to touch on it a little more in the first update on next round (on top of what I've already written in Jace and Magdalena's update).

      Thanks for reading and commenting!