Monday, 6 December 2010

You say it's your birthday, June 2030

This June, we wish Charlotte Lane a very happy first birthday! She's already proving to be very outgoing like her mum and a little bit cranky like her dad.


For comparison, here's Cordy:

and here's Eliot:

She's definitely a mix to me. She has Eliot's mouth and general face shape but I'm almost positive those are Cordy's eyes. I haven't aged her up further but I think she'll be a very pretty girl.

I love her so much already that I couldn't stop taking pics of her, so I'm sharing some spam here!

I'll have to remember to put toddlers on a surface when I do pictures in the future. It's so much easier to get a close-up!


  1. Aww she's soooooo cute! as soon as i saw her i could tell she looked like her siblings.
    Can't wait to see her as she grows up.

  2. Aww, she is a nice mix! Yay for Miss Charlotte!

  3. Happy birth day! She does have her mom's eyes.

  4. Thanks for reading, all!

    mail, there's definitely a nice resemblance between all of the Lane siblings, but I like that they're not all identical. Of her brothers, Charlotte probably looks most like Simon (apart from the blonde hair he has).

    Rachel, I love getting a good genetic mix, especially when they're so cute!

    Riverdale, LOL, I don't know why I said "almost" positive! Looking at Charlotte now, there is just no way that she has Eliot's eyes! He has those sleepy, sort of droopy eyes and Charlotte's are very open.

  5. Aw! Yeah, she did turn out to be really cute!

  6. Shes really cute, I like her hair color with those bright blue eyes!

    She's got a great mix and oh man! Those teeth are adorable!!! What in the world, I adore them!! Are those with the skintone or make up?

  7. OMG how adorable is she?! Thank you for the pic spam. I'm really glad they had a girl now. She is a great mix of her parents.

  8. Awe, Charlotte really is adorable! I completely understand the picspam!
    I think you're right, she a nice mix of both her parents!

  9. Lunar, I know, I think she's so adorable!

    Maisie, I like the combination too, especially with the darker skintones.

    The teeth are a part of the skintone! Aren't they cute? The skintone also has a little gap in the teeth for the child stage.

    Shana, thanks, I love her already!

    Danielle, yes, I'm so glad they had a girl! Of Asha and Cordy, Cordy was the one I was happier to let have a girl, so it worked out well.

    Tanja, LOL, I couldn't resist!

  10. I love watching little kids grow to the toddler stage just so we can find out who they start looking like. Very cute & thanks for the tip about the counters. I'll have to try that.

  11. townofwinfield, you're welcome!

    I always get so excited to age up my babies. I love seeing how the genetics have played out.

  12. she's a keeper! Very cute!
    happy birthdaY!

  13. She's a real cutie :)

    I'm now completely up-to-date on Sullivan and done with my read-and-comment marathon!

  14. Adorable baby shots! Cordy in particular is 'pinch cheeks' worthy! Love those blue eyes!

  15. bbop, well, I think so!

    Sari, I already can't wait to play with her but the Lanes are scheduled last, so I can do Christmas with them. :\

    LOL, congratulations! I kept seeing your comments coming into my inbox while I was online last night and I was thinking "Wow, Sari is fast!"

    Drew, aw, yeah, Cordy was a really sweet toddler. I hardly got any pictures of her either. The way I played back then, a Sim could be born and age to child in the same session and I didn't take as many pics.

  16. I had read some of the entries a couple of days ago already but didn't get a chance to comment. That's why I was so fast!

  17. adorable! her hair style is a really good choice for her too. and picspam kid shots anytime!

  18. S.B., thanks! I do enjoy a bit of picspam. My primary school updates usually consist of nothing but (hard to get much drama out of little kids!)