Monday, 13 December 2010

You say it's your birthday, August 2030

Claudia Kirby's pregnancy is now showing, but just barely! Claudia and Jacob's first child is due in February next year.

Also due in February is Baby #1 for Amber Dawn and Elmer Miguel. They have no plans to marry yet but they do have plans of moving out of their very tiny apartment before Amber's due date.

And finally, the much-anticipated second child for Steve and Olivia Nihill is almost here. Ramona will become a big sister in November!

  • Serious baby boom in Sullivan! Of course, Victoria is also pregnant but she's not ready to move into her second trimester yet, so she hasn't been included here. I'm so excited for all these babies.
  • No twins this time, by the way! All singletons. :)


  1. Yay for hope. My sims still surprise me with twins every now and then.

  2. Oh my gosh. That last picture is too adorable!

  3. Quite a baby boom, indeed! I'm excited to meet all these babies!

  4. Apple Valley, you're always trying to jinx me with twins, lol! No, no fertility benefits in action here and I don't use the random version of the T&Q hack, so unless one of them eats some cheesecake without me knowing, we've definitely only got singletons!

    LaurelCrossing, thanks, I love that one too!

    Rachel, me too! I have a wedding to get through first though and then I can start looking forward to Baby Nihill. The other babies feel like they won't be born for ages!

  5. These shots are so beautiful! Twins area cute, but the singletons are completely charming too.

  6. I adore the last photo, beautifully captured! Amber Dawn is expecting eh? I don't know why but it's funny to me.

    Jacob and Claudia, aww. I'm happy for these two. Sad that his Mom won't be here to meet the little one though. :(

  7. Like I said at N99, that's an amazing pic of Olivia and Steve. I wonder what they're going to have. I have that posebox and have been waiting (im)patiently for my one of my sims to fall pregnant so I could use it.

    That is sad that Jacob's mom won't be able to meet the new baby :(. I can't wait to see what they have, though. Are you sure you don't want more twins? ;)

    And wow, Amber pregnant. I hope she makes a good mother and her kid doesn't go around bullying other sims like she did lol.

    Yay! Nick and Sarah's wedding is coming soon!

  8. Definatly a baby boom, the few births I have comming up are nothing compared to yours! But I'm so excited to meet them all!
    and hurray for the singletons!!

  9. S.B., thank you! I just love babies in general, really. Singletons are easier to take care of, that's for sure!

    Maisie, I don't know if you saw at N99 but I hardly did anything at all to get that pic. Literally just posed them and moved them - I didn't even need Look at Player.

    Amber Dawn as a mother is kind of funny to me as well. She was so insane as a teen. As a playable though, she doesn't seem quite so nutty!

    I know. :( Hopefully though, the baby will bring a little bit of happiness to everyone who's still missing Arianna.

    Danielle, I'm hoping for a boy! Mainly because I like the boy name I have picked out much more than the girl name but also because I think I'm still unbalanced. Oh man...I hope I get a gender balance going with this current crop of pregnant women!

    You know I would have been excited about twins anyway. ;) I just can't not be, population be damned!

    I actually don't think Amber Dawn's personality points are spread out the way you'd expect them to be, the way she bullied everyone at school. She's quite shy and relatively nice. Which just seems wrong!

    I planned out Nick and Sarah's wedding last night. I was such a nerd that I Googled military weddings! I wanted to know if anyone ever had a military wedding where the groomsmen wore regular suits. Every military wedding I've seen, it seems like the whole male side of the bridal party was in military dress. But it's not always that way, according to my search, so I'm golden.

    Tanja, four pregnancies, possibly five by the end of the round! It's going to be crazy but I want to meet them all too. :)

  10. Carla, you amaze me how you keep track of it all! I am just now getting my characters to have babies as I am toying with the idea of moving on to the next generation. But yikes, all the kids! LOL! Lovely shots!

  11. Drew, thanks! I'm the kind of sick person who actually enjoys making lists and things, so keeping track is not actually too much of a chore for me! I have Flashnote and LSB both set up with a whole bunch of organisational stuff (as well as actual story stuff, in the case of LSB).

  12. Wow, so many pregnancies! I can't wait to see all the new babies.

    The picture of Olivia and Steve is so sweet. That pose box is one of my favorites.

  13. Sari, me either! I will get to see Steve and Olivia's baby today, after I get done playing the Notts. You guys will have to wait a couple more days. ;)

    I saw you using that posebox with Paige and Jack the other day and remembered that I had it! I love it too. So many cute poses.