Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Gottlieb-Hewitt wedding

Round 36: April 2044 (Autumn)

Noah Gottlieb is 26 and Brigit Hewitt is 25. 

I had some very specific ideas for our wedding and I’ll be forever grateful to Noah that he was just happy to go along for the ride.

He wasn’t really fussed about the details, while I was very much fussed, so he was happy for me to have basically everything exactly the way I wanted.

Aesthetics aren’t the most important part of a wedding, of course, but it was still nice to see my long-held dreams come true on our big day.

I was so, so nervous standing under that arch! But once we actually started saying our vows and exchanging our rings, all that melted away and I felt totally calm again. 

It turned out to be a beautiful ceremony and I’m so happy I can now call Noah my husband!

Our ceremony was held right around lunch time, so everyone was absolutely starved by the end of it. 

Of all of Noah’s family, I’ve probably clicked most with Wade, which probably isn't so surprising. He reminds me so much of Noah that it’s pretty easy to imagine what I’ll be in for 30 years or so.

Noah’s mother Amelia can be, according to Noah, hard to get along with sometimes.

For whatever reason though, she took to me right away and I’ve never had any issues with her. 

She’s always inviting us over and calling to see how we’re doing. 

Noah says she’s still not confident he knows how to take care of himself, even though he’s kept himself alive for eight years now. 

She’s the same way with his sisters Sophie and Emma though, so I think that might just be her way. 

The cake was about the only thing Noah wanted any say in it at all. His only criteria was that I didn’t choose a fruitcake and so I didn’t. 

I think fruitcake is kind of gross anyway, so it was never going to happen!

Wade and Amelia both made speeches in our honour at the reception but my favourite was Noah’s.

His toast was very sweet and heartfelt. It’s not the way I’m used to hearing him speak but I wouldn’t mind at all if I heard it more often!

I was very touched by it and made sure I told him so when he was done. 

Everyone was asking us about when we’re going to start a family, which I guess is what we can expect from now on. 

If everything was ideal, I’d have a baby tomorrow. I wish I had kids already!

Unfortunately, Noah is not quite on board yet and I just started studying again. 

That’s been a good way to change the topic when it turns to babies. Most people have a lot of questions when they hear of a former cop who is going back to school to become a veterinarian. 

It’s a big change and a huge time commitment - four years for my bachelor’s (which I really wish I’d got right out of high school, like everyone else) and another four for vet school. Then possibly more time after that if I want to specialise. 

I’m looking forward to the challenge though, so I really don’t mind all the questions about it. 

I was still somewhat relieved when it was time for dancing and I could take a break from mingling for a little while.

It was a very romantic end to a beautiful day!

It was actually exciting to walk into our house as husband and wife for the first time.

We gave it our best shot to make sure it didn’t seem like a downer that we were at home and not in some exotic locale. 

We can't afford a honeymoon, seeing we're living off on one income until I can find a job that works with my classes. 

Noah and I are already squirreling away some cash in the hopes of going away for first or second anniversary instead.

Posed pics:

I actually extended this pond just so it would show up in more pictures! I'm loving that new water mod!

Not even going to tell you how much I wrestled with this one trying to make it look not weird! This is one of the boxes I've done for my posing blog but it just wasn't co-operating yesterday, for some reason. 

  • Not 100% happy with this wedding as I really didn't choose the right venue. It looks good but it was such a small guest list and there was too much empty space. I'll have to think about that next time I have a small wedding. I haven't even got anyone engaged right now (what?!?), so I'm not sure when that will be!
  • I do love how my actual sims were looking, at least. I had that dress and hair picked out for Brigit for ages! Very often, I don't pick stuff for my brides until really close to the wedding but both the dress and hairstyle seemed so perfect that I ended up deciding fairly early on. I'd picked the colour scheme out quite quickly too, though I hadn't chosen exactly the items I'd use. 
  • I'd been thinking I'd have to choose a new major for Brigit, because I'd done careers criteria on her and she was a bad match for veterinarian. I did it again before the wedding though and she's actually a perfect match. So I'm still going to be sending her to vet school. Which is nice, because I don't think Annabel's going to get in with that GPA!
  • Brigit rolled a baby want right after the wedding; Noah just wants a honeymoon and a dog, lol! They're not ready for babies anyway, so he has time to get on board with the idea. ;)


  1. Another wonderful wedding. I have to go back and reread their history as I had forgotten about these two. I also love that wedding dress and have it saved for a simmie of mine as well.

    1. Brigit and Noah have had a fairly drama-free relationship and I don't think I've really focused much on Brigit at all. I'm looking forward to being able to do that a bit now that she's a proper playable. Can't wait to see which of your sims wears Brigit's dress!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Gorgeous wedding! I love Benton Park! When Eva and Gideon got married there, I had their ceremony off the side at a gazebo, because there was barely anyone in attendance. I love Benton Park, and the expanding of the pond is really a nice touch, gorgeous! Sophie is so pretty! <3

    Brigit has a lot of work ahead of her to be a Vet, probably a good idea to wait for a baby until that is squared away. I like Noah's idea of a dog though! They'd be cute with a nice dog, and they can baby that while she gets her schooling finished up.

    Brigit was a beautiful bride, love the dress and the hair! Everything was perfect!

    1. I'm always happy to hear of other simmers enjoying my lots. :) I spruced up Benton Park a little before this wedding but I'm not quite done yet. And Sophie is one of my favourite genetic mixes in Sullivan - she's a perfect combination of Wade and Amelia!

      Yes, Brigit has a long road ahead but she's very serious about it, so I think she'll cope pretty well. I think she and Noah will definitely wait until at least her undergrad is out of the way before they start a family...and there will definitely be a dog!

      Glad you liked Brigit's bridal look. I picked it all out ages ago and was so happy it all worked. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Yes, it was gorgeous- I love Brigit's dress and hair, it was very striking and elegant, and I was thinking also while reading this post that all the sims looked great. I've been seeing the water mod on Tumblr and wondered about it, and it looks great in your screencap. Does it seem like it would conflict or cause issues at all? It seems like those shaders or whatever code it alters would be pretty limited in the scope of the game.

    I was so pleased to hear that Brigit's going back to school even though it is a long road. Was she a dormie? It makes sense to wait a while on a baby though, with her needing both an undergrad and grad degree. The picture of Brigit when a guest was asking her about children was priceless-- although I originally thought the look on her face was one of not wanting kids, it sounds like she is quite private and didn't want people prying so much.

    1. I did hunt around for a headpiece for Brigit's hair, before realising the one I had in mind is a TS3 thing! But I'm over it now and I think she made a beautiful bride as is.

      As far as I know, the only thing the shaders could conflict with are other shaders. I haven't heard of anyone having issues, nor did I notice any lag or anything like that. And this was a relatively large lot, with quite a large number of sims on it. I think the shaders are taken from Castaway Stories, which was supposed to be a version of TS2 suitable for laptops, so maybe it's all balanced quite well already? I don't know but they're working out beautifully for me.

      I don't believe Brigit was a dormie but maybe? I think she was a townie I made at the same time I added Daniel Halmi and a few others (who I didn't bring over from Sullivan 1.0). But yeah, she's got a lot of work to do before she has a baby. She's still very young anyway.

      Ha, that was probably Athena, Noah's grandmother who you're talking about! Brigit definitely wants kids (and I think Athena might want some great-grandkids!) but she's quite shy and private. And it's not happening for a good while, so she's a bit overwhelmed that the questions are already starting, lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Looked like a lovely relaxed wedding. :) The pond is great and I love that you extended it for the shots, lol! It didn't look too bare or empty of sims either. Small weddings are nice because they have that more intimate feel to them.

    Brigit looked stunning. She is a unique looking sim, very pretty. A pretty ex-cop soon to be veterinarian. Love it! ;)

    1. I like bending nature to my will, lol!

      Glad it didn't look too empty in the pictures! It was but I tried to take pics in ways where it was much less noticeable. There really wasn't anyone else I could have invited and most of my venues are pretty big, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it anyway. :) The pics are most important to me anyway, because they're what go on the blog and what I look back on myself.

      Brigit will be my first veterinarian (and only, for at least a while, seeing it's not going to happen for Annabel, lol), so I'm excited to get started with her. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Lovely wedding, I do love the pond! :) Excited about these two and their future.

    1. The new water shaders are so worth having to plonk a pool tile on every lot where you can see water! And I'm so excited to play Brigit and Noah again that I rearranged my play schedule so they'll still get a full update this round. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Ah, Brigit looked so classically elegant. She is very Grace Kelly. And the park they used for the wedding is very pretty! I think it makes sense that a park wedding would not be too overcrowded, so it seemed just right to me. The lake and fountain made for perfect pictures!

    I am shocked that you have no engaged couples right now! lol!

    1. I love Brigit's look. I think she's got a very vintage-looking face, which is probably why I went 50s for her without really thinking about it! You're right about park weddings - I just have a thing about my pics looking busy!

      I know, right? I doubt I'll have any engagements before the end of this round either. Is this even Sullivan?!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!