Sunday, 7 November 2010

You say it's your birthday, January 2030

Charlie and Camilla's twins are due in March and this is the first opportunity Charlie has had to actually see the babies. He's taken aback to say the least but has promised Camilla he will be there for the birth, nevertheless.

The pre-school class this year at Sullivan Primary School will be quite busy, with four little girls! Turning four this year we have...

Alice Jacobson, little sister of Matilda...

Sylvia Draper...

Aurora Moretti...

and of course, Aurora's twin sister, Bianca.

Noah Gottlieb is now 12 and ready to start high school. After he graduates from university, he wants to become a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

Noah's cousin, Adelaide Sitko, will also start Grade 7 this year. She hasn't really given any thought to a career yet but she would like to be really popular.

Jack Benton is now 18! He hasn't chosen a major yet but seeing he wants to go into business after university, a likely candidate is Economics.

Charlie Benton is also on campus with his brother. Unlike Jack, he has no clue what he wants to major in and is hoping inspiration strikes at some point!

Audrey Lachance is very excited to be out on her own at Suffolk University. She's especially looking forward to practising her dancing at the Faculty of Arts but also to start classes in Drama.

Fittingly, seeing he is about to become a grandfather, Tate Benton is now an elder. He's still a bit worried about Charlie's future but is very much looking forward to his daughter Josie's wedding next month.

Naturally, Tate's twin brother, Trent Kirby is celebrating his 60th birthday as well. He's been a grandfather for some time now (grandson Declan is now 9) but is hoping for another grandchild from Claudia after she gets married in May.


  • Profiles are all updated. I've been experimenting with traits, so you'll find that some Sims have traits listed, some don't. Some Sims also have a full five traits and some have less. I'll get to that, but I don't want to rush into choosing them for the sake of it.
  • The Playable NPCs post is also updated, with a new picture of the Gray family. Lucy turned 15 and her parents turned 45, so they all got makeovers.
  • Charlie is still in my good graces so far, re: Camilla and the twins. When I moved him to college, he immediately rolled up the want for Camilla to join him. He might be taking that back once she arrives on campus with twins in tow but for now, I think it's quite sweet of him.
  • If you didn't catch it, Noah is Knowledge and Adelaide is Pleasure. I cannot believe how much Noah looks like Wade. I have no idea who Adelaide looks like. A mix, I guess! She's got Kirstin's eyes (behind all that hair!) but I'm not positive about any of her other features.
  • OMG, Tate and Trent are 60! When did that happen? And when did Declan get to be 9 while we're at it?!? Next round will be his last round as a child - that's just pure craziness!


  1. *peeks head out of cave to say:* OMG, Jack grew up nice! I might have a new Sullivan crush!!! And of course, Audrey is pretty as ever. (Psst, Jack & Audrey, wink-wink, lol!) *goes back into cave*

  2. Happy birthday all! You got some more hotties headed off to campus this year!

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. :)

    Laura, yeah, Jack turned kind of hot, didn't he? I'm allowed to say that now, because he's legal, lol. ;) Audrey just looks so much like Tatiana (though I just did a little comparison and she actually has her dad's eyes).

    I'm very excited to see if anything happens between Jack and Audrey now that they're grown up.

    Riverdale, I did, didn't I? Everyone grew up very nicely indeed!

  4. Jack grew up more than just hot, goodness! I think it's his strong disney prince facial features. You might have to offer him up for download as well :P

    I can't wait to see Audrey and the boys and how they cope with university.

    Yikes, time flies in your hood. I can't believe Declan is 9 or that Alice is four or that Jack is 18! Makes me feel so old and so slow in playing my hood as well.

  5. Wow, everyone turned out so cute/pretty/hot!! LOL I really love how all of them turned out. Aww, Noah is so pretty, just like his dad was. Wow! Adelaide looks cute and wow, Jack looks just like the sim I made for the July ?? N99 Forum project. I like Jack more and more as he ages. And yup, Audrey looks just like her mom! Great group of kids. I'm excited to see what they all get themselves into :)

  6. Everyone seems to have grown up looking better. I can't wait to see what the college crowd get up to, especially in terms of Audrey and Jack. ;)

    It's weird seeing all the old faces transformed but I'll adjust soon enough. I too didn't even realise Trent and Tate were so close to 60 anyway!

  7. Even though Camilla's pregnancy is unexpected, I can't wait to see how her and Charlie's genes mix into their children!

    And so many pretty sims!! Sometimes I'm so jealous of your pretty sims, but I have quite a bunch of them in SimsVille myself :)
    Alice Jacobson, I like her much more now then when she was a toddler, she turned out pretty good!
    I don't know if it's because I know, or if it's actually like that, but I kind of see a little bit of Adrienne in Sylvia ....
    Aurora and Bianca look very much alike, despite their skintone that is.
    Noah is Wade all over, expect for his blue eyes.
    Adelaide I think is a perfect mixture of both her patens, she looks pretty.
    Omg Jack!!! He looks stunning! Maybe it's the hair, Nick also looked stunning with that hair :) But anyway, he looks good. As Laura I really like to see him with Audrey too, but I kind of like him with Sophie ...
    Even though I don't think Jack changed a lot, I think he looks more mature now, but that can also be because he will be a father soon.
    Audrey looks amazing! She really looks a lot like her mother!
    Tate and Trent are 60 now,... time goes by so fast! And omg Declan's last round as a child!!! I can't believe it!

  8. Aww Trent and Tate.. wha?! Didn't even recognize them, and I can't believe they are 60 now!

    I'm glad that they got a home for Declan to enjoy before he turns into a teen. And Sylivia... she's definitely interesting. :-x agree that I see Adrienne in her, I think it's the whole head shape/forehead thing. Something like that. I can't point out a specific feature that screams Adrienne though.

    Audrey is gorgeous! And Jack is looking very masculine! Wow, check out that strong jaw line. And Charlie looks like a kid a bit overwhelmed. haha.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens with them and the twins!

  9. Oh wow! Jack! Please don't cut off his hair (even if Nick turned out pretty hot regardless! :P) because it just suits him so much.

    I like Audrey, but as far as her and Jack go. Meh. She had her chance, I think Sophie and Jack are cuter, or perhaps Jack will find someone else. But... Eh, not really rooting for Audrey and Jack :P

    And poor Camilla, I can't imagine having kids right now (at almost 20 no less), let alone TWINS sheesh, that has to be scary.

    The other ones are adorable, I love the girlies and Noah is ADORABLE I love his eye shape! Adelaide, with the hair, really reminded me of Tatiana :)

    Charlie has a sense of panic over him, which is suiting, but he turned out very well! I really love his nose for some reason :P

    And Tate and Trent! Wow, it doesnt seem so long ago that they were young and looking for love and... Wow, time flies. They're both adorable though!

  10. Apple Valley, ha, Disney prince facial features! Yeah, I can kind of see that, apart from the fact that Jack doesn't have those enormous eyes all Disney characters seem to have!

    Eh, you probably shouldn't feel so slow! I just play really fast!

    Dani, LOL, yeah, Noah is really pretty!

    I didn't notice the resemblance between Jack and your Sim but yes, I see it now! I've always liked Jack a lot; I just went back yesterday and looked at how cute he was as a toddler. But I think this is definitely my favourite incarnation. ;)

    Shake, ha, I'm glad they didn't grow up looking worse! ;) Another Audrey and Jack "shipper", eh?

    I didn't really realise about Trent and Tate myself until I looked at my birthdays list a few days before I did my age ups. It was a surprise! And then I looked at who'll be aging to elder over the next few years and was even more surprised! Kimberly, Megan, Emil...crazy!

    Tanja, well, you know, I'm excited about that too!

    There is a little bit of Adrienne in Sylvia, though one of you commenters had to point it out to me when she aged to toddler, because I couldn't see it at all. Sylvia definitely has Adrienne's chin. Everything else, I think, came from her dad.

    Jack's hair must be my favourite male hair mesh ever, lol. It makes everyone like a gazillion times hotter! I like Jack and Sophie together too. ;) But I'd also like to see Jack and Audrey make a go of it. We'll wait and see.

    I won't say much about Charlie as I'll save that for the uni update, but so far, he does appear to want to take responsibility for Camilla and the twins. Looks-wise, he's a clone of Tate! Very similar to Josie but she has Zelda's eyes.

    Maisie, I think Tate and Trent both look really different as elders! Trent's mouth disappeared, lol!

    Yeah, Declan will get to enjoy his postage stamp backyard for this round and next round. The round after that, he might not care any more but it'll still be around for Caitlin and possibly Baby #3!

    And yep, as I said to Tanja, it's the chin you're probably seeing with Sylvia/Adrienne. I wonder if she's inherited Adrienne's brow as well though. Hmmm.

    Very pleased with my new college kids, I have to say! They all turned out very nicely. Poor Charlie...I'd say he is quite overwhelmed but so far, I think he wants to do the right thing.

    Valneanne, lol, I don't know whether Jack will cut his hair. I'd really like to keep it on him but he's going into business after college and I don't know if it's realistic. Although, a lot of companies are probably a bit more lax about that kind of thing nowadays. Or maybe I just want to keep Jack's hair, lol!

    I can say that Sophie and Jack are likely to stay together for at least this year and probably the next. Past that, I don't know what will happen. I only need them to stay together for that long and after that, it'll be up to them.

    Charlie and Camilla are both a little panicky right now. Camilla will be the one dealing with the newborn stage, though she'll have her parents' help as she's still at home. Next year, she and Charlie will be on their own, which is a lot scarier!

    Charlie has the famous Kirby nose! I love it too.

  11. Oh, Jack is so fine! :)

    Poor Charlie, he has a lot on his plate right now, trying to decide a major, a pregnant girlfriend with twins on the way... I don't envy him.

    All the birthday girls and boys look so good. I think Tate aged up very well, even better than Trent.

  12. Sari, LOL, Jack's getting himself lots of fans!

    Charlie has a ton on his mind! I'll be writing an update today which will deal a lot with Charlie.

  13. LMAO! I'm glad I'm not the only one who paused at Jack's picture. He is one handsome sim! I never rarely say that about sims.

    And OMG-- Tate and Trent are now elders. Awwww...

  14. gosh I love your age up posts. Such beautiful sims. Look at Audrey!

    And where oh where did you get Alice's hair?

  15. bbop, thanks! I always get so excited to do my age ups! I can never wait to see what everybody looks like.

    Mmmm, Alice's looks kind of like Rissa's textures and that site has been down for forever. :( But it's hard to tell with black, so it might not be hers at all. If I remember today, I'll check in game and get back to you.

  16. Lunar, I need to stop replying to comments in my Gmail out of order, because I always end up forgetting someone!

    Ha, I think most of us are on the same page with Jack. He's a very good looking guy!

    Tate and Trent being elders is almost like the end of an era. I think I say that about a lot of my Sims aging up though!

  17. bbop, back again! The recolours I'm using for Alice's hair are by Rissa, as I suspected. The mesh is by Raonjena though, so that should be easy enough to get a hold of.