Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My defaults

NOTE: this post is very old and some links may be dead. I no longer update these pages. The best place to track down CC I may be using is my Pinterest page. It has lots of pretty pictures rather than just a list of links. :)

I haven't figured out where all my defaults are from yet, but I will add to this when I do.

All my Sims are using callistra's defaults of La_exotique's Just Reflect eyes.

Skintones: I use the Dermalicious defaults. I also use the in-between tones and have geneticised them myself in SimPE.

Maternity wear: My Sims' maternity wear defaults are by engram_au. For more variety, I also have these default replacement meshes from MTS.

Homework: Yes, I'm that nitpicky that I use replacements for the homework books! You can get them here.

Books: I use these awesome covers and swap them around a lot, so I can see lots of variety in my game.


  1. I think I love these default replacement skins! I think I was saying over at N99 that I was getting tired of my current replacements b/c at one point, I wanted my sims to look more sim-ish (with "enhancements"). But they started to look odd because some of my sims used custom skins and looked more realistic compared to the sim-like ones. Anyway, these are very pretty. Thanks for the link!

  2. I think I remember you saying that, so I'm glad you like these.

    It's hard to find a good balance between realistic and sim-like. A lot of the realistic ones are much too shiny and the ones that are too simmish look cartoony to me. My game is generally somewhere in between those, visually.

  3. Exactly. These are a little shinier than what I'm used to but not as bad as some I've seen. And I like the details it adds to the face so I don't have to rely on makeup so much.

  4. The medium of this skin tone is still a tiny bit yellower than I'd like but for variety of tones, these are perfect.

    I actually have a couple of female Sims now who have never worn make-up, which is not something I usually used to do! You haven't seen them yet, I don't think, unless you've really sped ahead! They won't be born until Round 16.

  5. Yea I'm not used to the whole no-makeup thing either. I actually had to give a few of my females another makeover because the makeup they had before didn't look right with these skins.

    And no, I don't think I got up to Round 16 yet. I didn't get to read this weekend because I was working on my own blog.. yay! It's all set up and I want to put one more entry up before I start giving out the link to people. But you can probably go take a look by clicking on my name now.

  6. Yay, I'm so glad you're doing a blog! I was just thinking yesterday how you should do one! LOL. You can expect me to comment until you're sick of the sight of me (and probably beyond)!

    Let me know when you go public for real and I'll throw up a link for you. :)

  7. Hey Carla! I am always admiring you sims skintones and wanted to add them to my game. The only problem is that the website the link above directs me to, is now closed :( Is there any other place I could get them? :)

    1. Hi Nicole! Yes, you can get the skintones here now.

      By the way, it's best not to use these posts to track down my CC any more. That's why I don't have these linked in the sidebar these days. I now keep track of my CC on Pinterest, which I find a lot easier. .

      I should probably add a note about that on each page, so people know to check there first. :)

    2. Thank you! That makes sense, so I'll make sure to start following your Pinterest.

      Have a great day!