Friday, 7 December 2007

Benton 2

Charlie and Camilla started dating as teenagers. They had been together for about a year and were still in high school when they found out Camilla was pregnant with twins. They were shocked and scared to say the least but decided they would try their best to raise the babies together.

Everett and Grace were born not long after Charlie had started his first year at Suffolk University. He lived in a dorm on campus while Camilla had the twins with her at home, caring for them with help from her parents. When it was time for Camilla to start university, Grace and Everett came with her.

Living as a couple and parenting together was a challenge, especially for Charlie. Camilla and Charlie stuck it out, graduated and moved back to Sullivan, where Charlie joined the fire brigade and Camilla found work with a fashion design firm. The couple got married in 2037 and and welcomed their third child Eliza in 2042.

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