Thursday, 3 May 2007

Gentry-Moretti 1

Justin Moretti and Louisa Gentry first started dating in high school, back in 2035. Louisa is a year older than Justin, so they faced twelve months apart when she went off to Suffolk University, while he finished high school. 

They were expecting another year's separation when Louisa graduated but one semester on academic probation shortened that time significantly! Finally though, they have both finished university. Instead of living with roommates like most of their peers, Justin and Louisa chose to buy a house together and are currently paying off their (fortunately small) mortgage. 

Justin is working on campus as an Animal Linguist. Louisa is aiming to work in Social Work or Psychology but hasn't been successful in finding a position yet. She's working at town hall as a Campaign Manager in the meantime. 

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