Thursday, 15 February 2007

Romilly 1

Finn and Victoria began dating very early on in high school and were a very solid couple from the beginning. This was tested when Victoria fell pregnant with their son Declan while they were in their sophomore year at Suffolk. Victoria's mother Megan, already not very fond of Finn at the time, was furious but the couple decided to stick it out. 

Declan was born in 2021 and Finn and Victoria decided to raise him together, living in the on-campus family housing. They were very surprised when they learned they were expecting another baby two years later. Their daughter Caitlin was born shortly before Victoria and Finn's graduation. 

They moved to Exeter after uni and lived in an apartment. Victoria found work at the aquarium, while Finn started teaching at the primary school and studying for his Master's. They married on Victoria's family's farm in 2026 and bought a house in 2030. Not long after that, they decided to add to their family and their daughter Keira was born in 

After the death of Finn's father, his mother Araminta moved in with the family. Finn is now principal of the high school and Victoria still works at the aquarium. Declan has graduated from university and is living with roommates, Caitlin is still studying at Suffolk and Keira is in high school

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