Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Round 34: March 2039 (Autumn)
Declan's last update/Justin and Xavier's last update/next update

Declan Romilly and Justin and Xavier Moretti are 18.
(Mitchell is 20, Jessica, Louisa and Eddie are 19 and Austin is 18)
Narrated by Xavier Moretti

Declan, Justin and I have been here in the dorms for a couple of months now and we’re all loving it.

Getting some independence from our parents but still not needing to worry about all that not-so-fun adult stuff like rent, bills and jobs has been awesome. I’m really glad I made it to uni; it was touch and go for a while and I wasn’t sure I would.

Justin has his own room. There was only one double room available in the whole building and Justin was just too fast for us.

That’s probably for the best though. I think one of us would have murdered the other if we had to share a room again this year. We have different standards for tidiness in a room.

And Justin and Declan sharing would have been just as bad an idea. Declan can hardly even watch Justin eat sometimes, with all the belching he does.

So Declan and I are sharing instead. Declan is probably the only guy I know who equals me in neatness, so I never have to kick his clothes out of the way to get to my bed, like I did with Justin at home.

And we’ve grown up together too, so we already knew we’d get along. I was dreading having to room with a stranger, so that was a relief for me.

Declan is a good roommate. I can’t really complain.

He does spend a lot of time in there with Jessica though, and occasionally, I’ve been locked out. It’s a bit inconvenient but it’s only been a couple of times though and never for long.

I don’t really want to begrudge him time with his girlfriend anyway. They never got much time together before Jessica went off to college.

As I suspected, starting classes here at Suffolk has been an adjustment but I’m managing to stay on top of the work so far. I’m doing some pre-law but mostly literature classes this year.

It makes it easier to stay motivated when you’re studying something you really want to study. I know a lot of people hate analysing books but I actually love it.

I’ve had some help with that though. Mitchell is also minoring in Literature and he studied a lot of the books I’m doing now when he was a freshman and he’s been giving me a bit of tutoring this semester.

I’m sure there are more enjoyable things he could be doing instead, so I really appreciate it.

I obviously knew Mitchell before but this year, we’ve actually become pretty good friends too, which is new.

He’s two years older than us, so when we never really hung out. Mitchell would be off doing his own thing with his friends and never really had much to do with us.

Austin thinks I’m crazy for studying voluntarily. He thinks we’re all crazy, actually. He considered college and he ended up applying but in the end, he was sort of relieved when he didn’t get in.

Austin is driving a taxi for a living right now. It’s really crappy pay but he gets tips and he likes the job quite a lot.

He just gets to cruise around looking for fares, wherever he likes. Austin has never been too keen on having too rigid a schedule, so it suits him just fine.

He wants to eventually do something with his art though, probably photography. He’s keeping his eyes peeled for a related position that he might be able to take up.

Austin and I hang out together quite a lot, seeing we’re both single. I haven’t really dated anyone since Lauren, back in high school, and Austin just broke up with Violet.

Austin is okay about it. He’s already looking forward to enjoying his newfound singledom. There was no drama involved with them. They’d been dating since they were 15 and they just started drifting apart.

I guess after so long together so young, it’s not that surprising.

Though Justin has been with Louisa for longer and they’re still going strong.

Louisa was the main reason Justin couldn’t wait to move to campus this year. She’s been here a year already, so she and Justin were apart all last year.

I guess they’ve been making up for lost time since Justin moved to campus, because they’ve been hanging out together a lot.

Louisa is on academic probation and Justin is really keen to help her get back on track with her studies, so she doesn’t end up getting kicked out of school.

So while they do go out on real dates, they spend a ton of time in the library studying together too.

Justin’s a biology major and isn’t much use to Louisa the psych major but he says he helps keep her on track. Her grades have been improving a little, so maybe he’s right.

It’s been nice getting to know Louisa a bit more this year. I really had never hung out with her all that much.

Once Lauren broke up with me and started dating Louisa’s brother Eddie, it always felt a bit awkward talking to her for too long.

But Eddie and I are over all that now. It was so long ago and it just seemed stupid for things to still be all weird with us.

I’m making more friends than I thought I would on campus. So far they’ve all been people I already knew but that’s still a pretty big deal for me.

Declan is the oldest of the three of us and this month, he turned 18. We celebrated with a night out at the uni bar.

It was just the six of us: me, Justin, Declan, Austin, Jessica and Louisa.

It definitely wasn’t a crazy wild party night but Declan isn’t really that kind of guy anyway.

Declan enjoyed himself, so that’s the main thing.

Every time Austin comes to campus lately, he takes it as an opportunity to meet girls. He tells them he’s an artist, which he insists isn’t a lie, because he is one; he just doesn’t get paid for it yet.

On Declan’s birthday, he tried it on with this girl named Christa. I see her around a lot, so I guess she’s a student here. He got her phone number too, so Christa must have been impressed.

Louisa thinks I should follow Austin’s lead and just go up and talk to a girl I like.

I’m just not that confident though. There was a cute girl sitting a few seats away at the bar and I couldn’t even make eye contact with her.

I could wait for girls to approach me but somehow, it’s never the ones I’m interested in that start talking to me. I’m just going to have to be brave one of these days and go up to someone myself.

  • Title is from Electricityscape by the Strokes.
  • This was a really good play session in terms of my recent crashing problems. The boys made a total of five trips to and from community lots and no crashing! I'm feeling a lot more confident about the issue now and have started to add some of the CC I'd been holding back on ('cause you guys know I never stopped downloading!)
  • I think it was Maisie who gave me the idea to take deco from a teen's bedroom and bring it with them to their dorm but whoever it was, I'm so grateful to them! Declan's sci-fi posters are just so him and I'm glad he's got them with him in the dorm too.
  • Declan and Justin both have 4.0s so far, which is not much of a surprise. Xavier has a 3.6, which is also about what I was expecting from him. He's doing pretty well.
  • Xavier rolled the Win 4 Friends ROS and became friends with Mitchell, Louisa and Eddie. And Elisa, in the end, who is the cute brunette at the bar who you can't see properly. He heartfarted over her the whole time he was there but wouldn't actually go and talk to her. They must have met briefly at one point though, because he rolled the want to become friends with her when he got home (I don't think Sims can roll wants for Sims they haven't met yet? They can in TS3) So maybe more on Xavier and Elisa next year.


  1. I still can't believe everyone is on uni now, I remember when they were babies!

    1. I know! I still have very clear memories of all these kids being born and now they're all grown up. Crazy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love the idea of taking their teen decorations with them to uni! That makes so much sense. No one wants to leave their precious posters behind. ;)

    I'm glad the whole Lauren/Eddie thing isn't a raw wound for Xavier anymore. Now he can go and find a nice girl of his own... if he, you know, ever gets around to hitting on anyone! He really does need to take a hint from Austin! I'm excited to see if he ends up talking to Elisa...

    Loved them hanging out at the bar. That's such a college thing to do!

    1. Yeah, I was glad to remember that tip from Maisie. I've been doing it for a round or so now. :)

      Xavier doesn't tend to think about Lauren much any more, so Eddie and Lauren's relationship is really not a big deal to him now. He's ready to move on...when he plucks up the courage. ;)

      The bar must be my most-used uni community lot, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I remember Declan being born and I can't believe he's 18! How sim time flies!

    Out of curiousity, regarding the coffee cups in one of the pictures, are those a set of defaults or are they just decorative? (crossing my fingers for defaults). If they are defaults, do you remember where you got them from?

    1. Little Declan's all grown up now! Still adorable though. ;)

      No, the coffee cups aren't defaults. Sims actually never put their coffee cups down on the table when they're drinking, so I couldn't have done those shot with defaults. They're from Adele/Decorgal's prop hack at MTS. There's a link in my Family Portraits How-To post in my sidebar.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Heh, I like Austin, he reminds me a little of Edmund Krois. (I bet Ed tells girls he's "a writer" as well, even if he hasn't written a damn thing so far in his life :))

    I also always like your college updates, they're so much fun.

    1. Ha, maybe Ed and Austin should get together and give poor Xavier some tips on picking up girls. ;)

      College updates are fun for me to play and write too, even though they take so damn long!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. That was a fun update. I loved seeing the boys' dorms. Justin's is just awesomely dirty and I just love all of Declan's posters. I definitely have to start doing that. I hope Xavier can build up some courage and ask a girl out! Or maybe a more assertive girl will take the lead :). Can't wait to see what happens next for these guys.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I originally decorated these dorms with kind of random decor, but I've been having fun redecorating them for whoever moves in. Which was what I originally intended to do but never ended up getting around to!

      If Xavier took a fancy to a nice assertive girl, that would be a load off his mind! That's how he ended up with Lauren, I think - I'm pretty sure that was all initiated by her. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I try to decorate my dormrooms according to the taste of the sims living in them, but man do I need to put in more efford! I love those room, especially Justin's. I love all the clothes and clutter all over the room, though I might not be able to live in it myself :) I always keep my sims' houses too clean!

    I can't believe all of the are old enough to be in college! Time goes by so fast in Sullivan! I really miss Declan as a child!

    It's good that Justin has such a good influence on Louisa, I hope she can get back on track!

    1. I have the same problem with everything being too clean, normally! I'm a total slob in real life (you should see this desk!) so I don't know why but it's true. I couldn't live in Justin's room though; the unmade bed is what would drive me insane!

      And yeah, I know! I don't know if I'll ever get used to Declan being an adult. He was such a cute little kid and it doesn't seem like so long ago either. :)

      Justin is a Knowledge Sim, so studying is important to him. And he has a vested interest in keeping Louisa there. If she flunks out, they'll be separated again. ;) But he's thinking of what's best for her as well.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Declan in college is like beyond crazy to me! Baffles my mind! He's one of the sims that I'm like... I remember when your parents found out they were expecting you. I still have the picture in my head of them upset about the news. It's all worked out so well though, and Declan is a good kid, er young man!

    I love the sci-fi posters in Declan's room, it was my idea, I do that so I have a place to start when decorating dorm rooms, and I noticed the deco immediately, looks perfect for him!

    Justin is adorable, and a polar opposite of Xavier, I'm glad they aren't rooming together, it's good for them to have time on their own and get to enjoy that. I was surprised at all the friends he has made, but glad that he's making them, now hopefully he'll work up the courage to get a girlfriend!

    1. I know, it feels like Declan has grown up really fast! I think he was born two years ago in game though, so not that fast, I guess. ;) Finn and Victoria did a good job with him though. He's turned out great. Jessica agrees, LOL.

      I'm so glad you shared that idea about bringing deco from home to the dorms. It really makes their dorm rooms more personal and I'm sure it's comforting for the homesick at times. ;)

      Justin and Xavier definitely needed time apart! They shared a room at home for all their teen years and they'd really had enough of that. I'm hoping Xavier gets some courage up and gets himself a girlfriend soon too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Xavier and Declan's disgust with Justin's slovenliness is hilarious! I'm surprised Louisa can put up with it.

    Austin's attitude is so funny--but it's nice that he gets to hang out with all his friends still. I love that he tries to pick up college ladies.

    1. Well, Louisa is almost as much of a slob as Justin is. Xavier and Declan would probably be similarly disgusted if they saw her eat!

      Heh, Austin will be wherever the girls are right now and there are certainly plenty on campus! Hopefully he moves on from college girls once he's past college age though. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. LOL at Austin! I could totally see him telling girls that. I'm glad he's been coming out of his shell; he was always so shy. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Elisa. I might be wrong, but I could almost swear I saw her looking at cars at Novak Motors.

    1. Austin was never shy, exactly but he never got much of the spotlight when he was a teenager. Lauren kind of took over! He's the only one at home now though, so he should get plenty of time to share all of his picking up adventures. ;)

      And yes, good eye! That was Elisa at Novak Motors. I just changed her hair. I have my fingers crossed for her and Xavier too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!