Thursday, 8 February 2007

Draper 2

Rose and Joanna started dating when they were in high school, shortly after the death of Rose's mother. They stayed together throughout Rose's initially turbulent relationship with her stepmother and survived a year apart when Joanna took a solo trip around the world after graduating college early. Once they were both back in Sullivan, they bought a house together and got married in 2023.

Four years later, they were thrilled to finally become parents when they adopted one-year-old Sylvia. When they wanted to expand their family again, they turned to Joanna's brother Wade. He agreed to be a donor for them and they went through the process of artificial insemination. From this, Rose eventually gave birth to twins Levi and Will, in 2032.

Sylvia went away to university in 2044. Rose now works as an editor for a local magazine. Joanna taught at Exeter High School for many years but now works with her brother at Suffolk University, where she is a botanist.

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